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It's clearly been too long

since I last posted anything to this site - the font colour of my posts appears as a murky grey on my feed and I have bugger all idea how to change it! This site is what taught me html, which I think I've also long forgotten. That's the problem with making the move to Tumblr; it's very easy to become lazy. I'm also purely a consumer of fan content these days and haven't produced anything new in literal years. Reconnecting with people has got me hankering to try my hand a writing again, but it's been so long that I'm not sure what anything I wrote would be like, and I can't help but feel that writing is something that I used to do. Like it's a part of the person I used to be when I lived in a different city and had a different job. I don't even know if I could write any more.

Today has been rather bittersweet. I met with collegues from my old job, all of who have either been made redundant or who will be made redundant within the next 3 - 9 months. Most are well, all seem happy, but it has driven home how much I miss working with people who I've built up a relationship with. I've only been in my new role for just over 2 months, and while everyone is very nice and welcoming, I miss the easiness of interaction and shared humour that only comes from knowing people for a long time.

We had lunch at a pub, sat in the beer garden beside the river. The river is tidal, which means that it can either be very pretty or rather unfortunate looking depending on the time of day. It was all soggy mud banks while we were there, and the industrial nature of that part of town meant that the view was of some gas towers, however the sun was shining and the food was delicious, and the general atmosphere was just so nice that the view didn't really matter. By now I imagine the tide is fully in and the sunset is making everything look pink and soft and lovely.

I don't really have anything exciting to write about, just a general desire to post something, even if it is just waffle. This evening has left me feeling a bit gloomy and reflective, which is probably not the best way to blog. Thinking about writing has me full of that feeling of creative frustration, where you want to make something, but have no inspiration for anything, just a bundle of restless energy and a blank document.

Hey everyone!

It's been a fair few years since I last posted here, so please don't worry if you have to wrack your brains to work out who this stranger is who has just appeared in your feed (is it even called a feed in LJ? Your dash? Friend's page?)

Working for an insurance company full time pretty much put an end to active fandom for me, which is a shame as I loved being part of the SS/HG family (although I hear it's called Snamione these days? You crazy kids with your drugs and your portmanteaus!) Said insurance company have since made me redundant (although I found another job straight away, worry not) and although I am still working full time, I've been hearing the siren call of the fandom for a while now.

To be completely honest, I left in part due to real life pressures, but also because it felt like things were getting stale, and worse, I'd seen the nasty side of the fandom. I know every fandom has them, but it was a bit of a shock to find spite and aggression here of all places, like biting into an apple and getting a bitter taste of something that definitely should not be in there. However, coming back to LJ for a brief look and seeing that there is still new content being created, still enthusiam for the characters, and passion for art and writing, even after all this time. Well, it's kind of inspiring!

I don't know whether this is just another one-off post, and all you'll see from me until next year, or whether I am really going to be able to commit to this again, but I do hope to be around more often.

I hope the last couple of years have been generous to all of you, and that you are all well and happy. Hopefully I will see you again soon :)

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Writing and stuff

Well, the interview and presentation seemed to go well, but I haven't found out yet if I've made it to the third round of interviews. Work has quietened down significantly, which is a relief. I have a week of in a couple of weeks, although I think I've managed to time it to coincide with the roof being re-slated, so it may not be quite as relaxing as I'd hoped.

I'm hoping to do all sorts of crafty stuff, mostly of the lace-making variety. I've had the necessary bits and pieces for a while, but you need daytime light and plenty of free time to do it, which don't tend to coincide often thanks to work. I'm also making time to write on an almost daily basis and really enjoying it. Mostly for a different fandom, but toblass has reminded me of my duties to SSHG and I must say I'm enjoying it more that I expected, too.

There's lots of nice stuff coming up in real life, too. Cinema screening of Billy Elliott the musical, a 30th anniversary screening of Ghostbusters, an outside screening of Dawn of Planet of the Apes here, and various other things that don't involve cinema screens. The garden is overwhelmed with plums and green beans, and I've just become an aunt for the third time so enjoyed a weekend full of snuggles and new baby smell. I've had to deal with the usual round of questions about when I'll be having kids (from friends now, not just family), but it think people are beginning to get the hint.

In other news, I went away for one weekend, and one of my friends got a Watership Down tattoo.

I think I'll end on that.

Drive by hello...

I don't think I've written in this journal for months - not that I was ever a prolific blogger, tending to use this purely for fandom purposes - but then I've not really been involved with this fandom for months either. I'll check in occasionally to make sure everyone is okay, but rarely comment. You've probably been in my thoughts even if we haven't spoken :)

The main reason for this absence is having got a new job within the same company just over 12 months ago. Although my involvement with the fandom had been slowly diminishing before then, I've spent the last year falling asleep on my feet. This coupled with various family dramas... well, the thought of committing time to anything was enough to give me palpitations.

Work is still as ridiculous - in fact I'm currently interviewing for a position that will give me even less time to my self and far more responsibilities - but now I'm wondering what I may have missed.

I've barely read any fic in the last year, unless prodded in their direction by toblass. I'm going to try and remedy that if anyone has any recommends?

I won't be signing up to the sshg_giftfest (or at least am very, very unlikely to) , but I'll try and get the sshg_hub comm ready to support anyone who needs to find a beta or britpick. After that, who knows?

Really this post is just to say a long overdue hello to everyone on my flist and to ask how you all are. I will try and post more regularly and be a better fangirl, but there is the chance I may disappear again if real life gets hectic...

Hugs to all!

In search of inspiration

(Also, Hello, I'm not dead!)

Has anyone ever used any of the online plot generators that exist? I had a go, and this gem was the result. It struck me as utterly hilarious until I realised that it was basically the plot of the Hobbit.

Anyway, I give you:

Hermione Granger, the Centaur
- a fantasy novel

by anoesis

Collapse )

Literary gold.
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*drive by post*

Hello all!

Firstly, can I apologise to those still waiting for sshe_newbies drabbles from me. I somehow lost access to livejournal for a few days and then my gloriously long Christmas holiday ended and I had to go back to work. Today has been spent dismantling bookcases, carrying heavy things up and down stairs and generally wearing myself out. There is more heavy lifting waiting for us tomorrow, but I'm going to set aside some time to write as well.

We woke this morning to find that the storm winds had moved the greenhouse two feet to the left, but has otherwise left us undisturbed.

In other news, I have inherited my great grandmother's Maltese lace bobbins.

As you were.

Happy New Year!

So much to look forward to this year. For example, if you watch Supernatural, you'll know that this is the year that a demonic zombie plague sweeps the globe. Nice.

All the best for 2014!


This year's NewbieFest is going really well, with all manner of gifts being offered. Thank you so much to everyone who's taken part
There's still time to offer up gifts of any kind, and even a few left available to be claimed. More importantly, there are gifts being posted every day that need to be admired!

If you are a fan of SSHG fanfic and artwork, be sure to stop by and see what are talented participants have created. Even if you aren't able to provide a gift yourself, you can still take part in the fun by reviewing the posts. Reviewing is the lifeblood of any exchange and lets our giftees know their hard works are appreciated.

So come on over and join the fun. If nothing else, you'll find some amazing SSHG goodness to enjoy!

NewbieFest is awesome!

Less than 24 hours into NewbieFest and already the gifts are coming thick and fast!

So far, participants have managed to score: four drabbles, three drabble series, one short story, three offers of uniquely blended tea, two crocheted lap blankets, three photo manipulations, a hogwarts houses scarf, a podfic, themed cookies and two pieces of artwork! Phew!

Still to claim are seven drabbles and three short stories, and I know for a fact that there is more to come! If you've not been yet, come take a peek, and remember to come back, as this baby keeps growing!

You'll find our offers post here,  but don't forget to heck out requests and prompts post for free inspiration!